Saturday, April 28, 2012

6 Steps To A Perfect Life

Most people who surround me need something. They talk nonstop about the lack in their life. If only they had that one thing, or in some cases, multiple things...then life would be fulfilling, wonderful and awesome.

A realization found me in meditation today. To answer all these wants in the lives around me.

Life is perfect.  My life and your life.  Starting there, being grateful for all the treasures that saturate our life. For only then can more blessings rush in. 

You know what your want.  So does God, your higher-self, the Universe, the Source of your Inspiration, or however your choose to define it.

6 Steps to a Perfect Life:
  1. Notice your emotions. They indicate changes in your life. Learn to accept, love and feel gratitude toward your emotions.
  2. If you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, change in your pocket and a full belly, did you know you are among the richest 8% of the entire world? Be grateful for the money and gifts you've been given. Money has come to you in various forms throughout your entire life. Realize more will come, one way or another.
  3. Your spirit and soul, regardless of an afterlife belief- is perfect. The connection to any source of higher power grants direction and peace in times when waters or turmoil within are calm. Give yourself 5 minutes of uninterrupted time alone to listen to your intuition. Secrets have a way of surfacing during that time.
  4. Your health has been keeping you alive your whole life. Celebrate each part of you. You're body and soul is perfection. Particularly the elements the world might consider imperfect.
  5. You have a vocation, occupation, career, or are in a retirement (sometimes early  or temporary if you've been laid off). Expected or not, allow yourself to relax.  Take 5 deep breath's. Give yourself permission to find peace and get out of the chaos by doing something nice for yourself.
  6. Most important is saved for last. Relationships. Nothing is worthwhile unless it is shared with others. There is nothing we can accomplish and celebrate without connection with others. The people around you, your relationships, there is happiness there. Cling to that hope and know all of your relationships can find perfection as well.
In my meditation, I spent 5 minutes in total, sitting quietly, enjoying the perfection of my existence. There is nothing to worry about. Everything you can fathom is already here. It's already yours. It already exists. You just must be ready to receive it.




Friday, April 20, 2012

A Final Word on Avenged and the close of the Human Trafficking Video Campaign

Dear Friends:

It's coming down to the end of the campaign for Anna And Modern Day Slavery

Some of the feedback I received was incredible.I'd like to share one of the responses I got, as well we a message from Magda herself.
"Dear Jessi:
You may tell your friend that I'm trying to get more money for her movie and that I think what she's doing is a good thing. In fact, my in-class persuasive essay will be about human trafficking."
This young man is only 15 years old, yet his passion demonstrates our link in humanity. We are all connected. It is our responsibility to make the world a better place for our children.

 Isn't she wonderful?

It's a privilege to have such kind and wonderful friends and people in life.

I'd also like to share one of my poems from the eBook, Avenged: A Collection of Poetry.


Open and unarmed I stand unafraid
Appearing alone, I keep great company
It is in silence secrets are revealed
I marvel at the simplicity and purity
Escorting those in need, desire or not.

Upon request, my cup was emptied
Dirty liquid released to stone ground
Enjoying frivolity of weightlessness
Shoulders set back up straight
Confident, simultaneous humility is here.

In time I returned for more
Not emptiness this time, but filling
For all that nurtures comes my way
Recreated and revamped for precious work
Allowing me to serve, gifts intact.

Corrected onto a path of my choosing
The right course for it’s for me
I ask for guidance ad all-knowing wisdom
Prepared, open-heart invaluable
No longer young, grown old.

Thank you for reading my work. Thank you for all of the support. It has been a wonderful journey this month. I wish you peace and blessings. May life bless you with dreams granted.



Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Podcast: Find Your Bliss- Life Wasn't Meant For Sucking

Welcome to this week's Jesscast: Click Here

Find Your Bliss- Life Wasn't Meant For Sucking

Dear Friends:

Did you know? If you are excited about something, it's impossible not to be happy.

We hit patches in our life where things feel...kind of... "Blah."

And we have a choice. We can stay there or move those feelings and escape from the condition. Feelings were not intended to be hoarded. Move them, release them, use them up and move forward.

Every morning, I have a routine to keep my blood flowing and heart centered in the space I want it to be. I want my days...each and every one of them... to be a positive one. With blood and passion filled veins, day in-day out.

How do you get your day started?

I spent most mornings during the "Blah" times hitting snooze again and again and again. Cursing the day for existing. I didn't have to be stuck there forever.

Everyone has their own process that will work for them. I mean, come on. Check this guy out:

FYI - Sean Stevenson's my hero.

Apparently, he's their hero too:

My routine isn't quite that exciting, but it does the trick for me.

Okay- your turn. Let's hear about yours...



Paralyzed By Confusion. A Word of Comfort.

Dear Friends:

Have you ever felt confused about life? 

My client, Melissa (name changed) feels exactly like this. A student who's profession is in sales, aspiring to become a Professor, she felt as though she lost her way recently after going through a divorce.

"I feel stagnant," she said, during our last session. "I'm wasting away. Life feels purposeless and meaningless."

For any of you, feeling something similar to Melissa, I have a message for you. 

Being confused is okay. Even feeling stagnant is okay.

Can you imagine how stagnant and confused a caterpillar must feel before is breaks free of it's cocoon, only to discover it has wings?

Transitional times are tricky. Yet these are the times we are grounding ourselves in the foundation of our new lives. 

Greatness is in Melissa's future. Right now, it's the incubation period. Here are some tips to get you through.

  1. Hold tight, no storm lasts forever
  2. Be good to you
  3. Take care of your body
  4. Eat well
  5. Get plenty of sleep
  6. Spend time with people who make you feel good
  7. Find someone objective to talk to
  8. Journal in a therapeutic way
  9. Give yourself permission to expand and grow
  10. Generate all manners of support
Allow a little time, space and curturing to get through tricky and sticky times. 

Cheers to spreading your own wings!



Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Steps to Life Restoration - Part 1 and 2

When life has taken a turn for the worst, here are 10 Steps to getting your life back on track.

1. Focus On You 

While it's easier to look outside yourself and be distracted from the mess, prioritize you. Good things come from a place of overflow, not need. When your needs are met, the rest comes more naturally

2. Passion

If you could earn a living doing anything, what would it be?  It this was your last week to live, how would you spend it and what parting thoughts would you have in regard to your life?

3. Purpose

Decipher your purpose upon this planet. You are not here by accident.

4. Love

Learn to love you. The you can apply that knowledge and wisdom to someone else. Loving yourself is not an ego thing, it's a maturity thing.

5. Focus 

You can choose your own direction. Make sure it aligns with your purpose so you're heart is not in conflict. Any direction is fair game. Now is the time to choose where you are headed next.

6. Funnel

Find the things that fill your spirit up and funnel them in on a regular basis. It will help you stay happy and focused to avoid burnout. 

7. Simplicity

No more climbing the wrong ladder on the wrong house, keep your purpose simple and easy to understand.

8. Partnership

With friends, family or spouses, nothing matters unless we can share our progress and discoveries with someone. We are meant to connect and partner up.

9. Family

Forgive people for their humanity. No one is perfect. 

10. Community

Pay your purpose forward.

This is not a search for perfection, it's a message of hope. There is life after ruin. Hope comes from the search of learning to be okay, being you.


Rockstar Jessi  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Quest of Flames

From the upcoming Collection of Poetry: Avenged


Alive and well
Licking the blaze
Alight within my chest

On fire with passion
Excitement spilling forth
Clumsy toward purpose

Possible only before
The lack of perfection
making life perfect

A journey
Assembled individual
Belief and faith
Secretly unlocks the heart

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Letting Go of Love

People struggle with relationship indifference on a regular basis. When our hearts are involved, it seems only right to hold our loved one accountable for the way they make us feel.

In all honest, however, this is not love in it's greatest form.

If you truly love someone, you must allow them to live their life as well. When children grow, they must take steps on their own to determine their own beliefs and live their own story. We do all we can, in a place of love, and this is beautiful.

In regard to romantic relationships, ultimate love is allowing the other person to do the things that make them happy, without punishment or contempt. This doesn't mean causing harm or tolerating actions that threaten the relationship, it just means allowing the other person to create their world and fill it with greatness.

If you haven't yet found a person to practice ultimate love with, I invite you to read my eBook, Ten Keys To Finding True Love: A Handbook to Manifest Your Hearts Desire.

Love and connection in this world is my passion and purpose. In this way, I serve the world.


Jessi Lohman

Support Coach