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Sometimes you make plans for life, but life has plans for you.

From the author who's inspired hundreds worldwide with the novel Befriending Death comes her most adventurous book yet, Finding Yourself in a Suitcase-a compelling memoir about how you make plans for life, but life has plans for you. 

In Jessi Lohman's newest work of inspiration, she shares the adventure of becoming the person you were meant to be. She made this discovery while she traveled through the jungles of Costa Rica, explored the land of India and celebrated the beauty of Italy. By the time you finish this adventure or enlightenment, you will be ready and wanting to begin your own adventure.

PRAISE FOR JESSI LOHMAN & FINDING YOURSELF IN A SUITCASE "What a beautiful book!  Thank you for blessing me."  -Kim Fisher, editor and writer.  "I didn't want it to end, please go travel so you can write more."  -Judy Bakke, author of The Litle Lab Who Wouldn't Swim  
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Befriending Death is a sassy, sexy, adult thriller fairy tale about courage in an assassin's world among dark corners. 

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50-plus, insightful poems created to bless the folds within your heart and soul. Written to encourage perseverance in making your way toward the light at the end of the tunnel. It is not a train that awaits you, it is something more treacherous. 
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 Life, Love and Inspiration: A Book of Poetry is a collection of 75 poems (27 award winners) written throughout ten years of adolescence and adulthood. Dedicated to my Grandmother, Frances Elizabeth Moulds Marquis (10.10.1928-10.23.11).
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The Truth About Drugs and Teens: An Informed Perspective is an informational resource guide on marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, GHB, heroin, cocaine, LSD, PCP, Special K and more.
Coming in November 2012: 
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Finding Yourself In A Suitcase is a memoir about enlightenment.
Travel with Jessi and friends through Costa Rica, India and Italy.  Sometimes you make plans for life, but life has plans for you.