Sunday, December 9, 2012

Start Your Story Series - Day 7


Fellow Writing Rock Star, you have made it to Day 7!  With any hope I won't go into withdrawals now the the series will be ending. 

As today is the final day of the Start Your Story Series, by now, you have done a great deal of the prep work for your story.

If you are not up to speed and haven't seen the series in it's entirety, Day 1-6 of the Start Your Story Series is listed below:

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Now that you have direction and storyline, characters and you know all about them, are you ready for the final touch?

You're ready to get out of the wading pool and dive-in the deep end.  Your story will be ready for you to write that first draft as soon as you do this.

Day 7: 

Can you bullet-point some of the key experiences your characters will encounter 
during the course of your story?

Once your have your bullet-points, it will serve you as a road map. When you get lost along your writing journey, you will have your foundation for your story done.  It's not set in stone but provides a foundation for writing a successful story.

As with any story, writers must remain flexible for improvements and strokes of genius, character development, story development and opportunities to hone your craft will constantly move your forward.

I want to thank you for joining me this past week.  I've enjoyed it and look forward to releasing the entire Story-Writing in Tidbits eBook in the near future.

Until next time, always remember:

Rock Your Craft,

Rock Star Jessi