Sunday, December 16, 2012

On the Third Day of Christmas, Rock Star Jessi Gave to Me

To show my love, gratitude and to honor your path, I wanted to give a series of gifts.

Upon much reflection, it became apparent the best way to express this, was through the development of my own, humble version of the cherished holiday song, 12 Days of Christmas.

On the Third Day of Christmas,
Rock Star Jessi Gave to Me,
Three Heaven Sents,
Two Creative Templates,
A “Namaste” to Honor My Life.

When I feel exhausted, tired and defeated, there is nothing like the comfort of a hot bath to ease my senses and put the world back in perspective for me.

As a gift last year, I provided to all my loved ones a "Basket of Happiness."

Within this basket, held the ingredients to my bath.  Today, I will share these ​heaven sents​ (which are heaven scents as well).
  • Spearmint-Scented Bath Sea Salt (Promotes purifying aromatherapy and muscle relaxation.)
  • Lavender Bath Oil (Improves mood and decreases tense feelings.)
  • Milk Bath (Enhances silky, moisturized skin.)

Treat yourself to a heaven sent experience... and sleep easy with a smile that will stay with you all night long.

Until tomorrow...

Rock Your Truth,
Rock Star Jessi