Saturday, December 15, 2012

On the Second Day of Christmas, Rock Star Jessi Gave to Me

To show my love, gratitude and to honor your path, I wanted to give a series of gifts.

Upon much reflection, it became apparent the best way to express this, was through the development of my own, humble version of the cherished holiday song, 12 Days of Christmas.

On the Second Day of Christmas,
Rock Star Jessi Gave to Me,
Two Creative Templates,
A “Namaste” to Honor My Life.

Again, to represent this gift, I have two items in mind. Both have been created by hand, to demonstrate the simplicity and usefulness of each tool.

The first, I have never shared online before.  It's a brainstorming method I called Creative Caterpillar.  It takes a main idea, and breaks down the major ideas as the body.  The finer points can be detailed out through the legs.  I've provided both a blank template and a demonstration below:
Blank Creative Caterpillar
Creative Caterpillar Demo

The second item is a small-step planning tool I use called Tidbits.   Tidbits is a template which you can use to achieve your visions for your life.

There is an important question I get all the time.

"What, exactly, are tidbits?"

Tidbits are mini steps that help you get from where you are to where you want to be.  Small goals, that are realistic, but help you take that baby step forward.

Here I have provided a blank template, as well as another demo for you.

Tidbits Demo

It is my hope you can put these templates to good use as you make your way along on your journey.

All of these posts are also available on a new website, which is developed and designed for the sole purpose of honoring your path.  You are welcome to view it at any time, as the Rock Star Jessi’s 12 Days of Christmas will also be posted there.

After the kick off event for, the prior blog will be discontinued.

See you tomorrow!

Until then...

Rock Your Truth,

Rock Star Jessi