Sunday, December 2, 2012

Leaking My Secret Project

You've always wanted to write a book, you just don't know how. But there's this crazy burning in your gut. You can't explain it, you just know there are stories only you can write.

And you know these stories will touch the world.

I've been there. Lost in thought about the difference I could be making, but the steps seemed invisible. I talked, thought and day-dreamed about it.

That is where my journey began, but not where it ended.

What if I told you I cracked the code to getting your writing project done without breaking a sweat?  Even better, I've decided to leak the start of my project, so it can help you now, rather than when I finish it.

I'm in the process of putting it together in a helpful format that can be flexible enough to work around your schedule but still accomplish your dream.  An eBook based on a 'tidbit' - sized steps to help you get the entire project done in a realistic time frame.

Starting tomorrow, I will be leaking the first 7 Days.  See you tomorrow!

In the meantime...

Rock Your Craft,

Rock Star Jessi