Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Unleashing Your Original Legacy

For my Dad's birthday a few years back, I gave him a moleskin notebook. The black notebook was the same type Di Vinci had used to record his many brilliant ideas.

I consider my Dad to be one of the most intelligent, creative and original-thinking people I've ever known.  His ideas are unlike anything I've otherwise come to know.  For his birthday, I had wanted to give him a place to record his brilliant ideas.

Since that time, my Dad took it upon himself to evolve the process by improvising the original idea with journaling.

Today, I am going to share this ingenious process with you.

Each day, my Dad makes an entry into his notebook.

Every day, he adds something to remember what made the day special.

Sometimes its:
  • Words
  • Dreams
  • A Poem
  • A Song
  • A Drawing or Sketch
  • Quotes
  • Happy Memories

The point, is that he documents his story... his journey.

If you journal or try my Dad's method, you will notice something special.

You will have recorded your very own pattern of discovery. It is this pattern of discovery you can develop into at least one meaningful story.  Be it a nonfiction memoir or a display of experiences shared by characters in your novel, you will have a place to start and share your legacy.