Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 Commonalities Between All Us Writers! And We Can Do About That.

You know the feeling when you've written a great page and then...then... you have no idea what you're going to do with it? You'd like to share it, but can't, either because no one will take the time to read it or because you don't know who to ask. Or you have people who read your work, and love it, but you don't have the focus, motivation or brainstorming energy to make something out of it.

I have writing friends all over the world. We all have some things in common:

1. We LOVE to write

2. We like sharing our writing

3. We want to get better at writing

4. We want to get our work out there

5. We know support and friends will help us along the way

What shall we do?  I have figured out a solution. How does this affect you?

I've got great news.

There is a new group called "Writers Retreat."  And YOU are coordially invited to join the "Writers Retreat!"

Click and "like" the page. Welcome to our new hang out. Introduce yourself and share what your writing interests are.

See you there!