Monday, September 10, 2012

Live Between Sunsets Like Mitch Albom

There are times when God brings things into your existence that are undeniable.

This is how it came to pass, I learned of and acquired Mitch Albom's, The Time Keeper. The story found me, rather than me finding it, among the hundreds of books surrounding me.

Within the pages of The Time Keeper, I found a number of the most beautiful passages...

"There is a reason God limits mans days."

"We all yearn for what we've lost. But sometimes we forget what we have."  

"The joy of living between sunsets."

Mitch's words gave me chills, as though reading William Shakespeare's Hamlet. Although, of course The Time Keeper is not written in Old English.

As Mitch was originally a sports writer, his style is very short and pointed. Yet imaginative and descriptive. His books are not very long, and with that, readers are assured that every word counts.

It was Mitch's writing style that much inspired my own. Short sentences, quick movement along in the story. Yet not skipping out on the elements that stay true and genuine to the story.

I give Mitch Albom 5 Rock Stars for The Time Keeper.  

I will continue to pick up his books, without knowing what they are about. For I've never been left discontent or unsatisfied. Exactly what I'd desire and in many cases have, with my own readers.