Friday, May 4, 2012

Journey Discoveries

Dear Reader:

When I have been true to myself, that is when the obstacles move away.  

Perhaps you have experienced being trapped in what feels like a tomb; confined, restricted and imprisoned by a boulder too heavy to be moved on your own. These are the times to hold the course you know in your heart to be true.

Faith is designed to be tested. That is the way of anything strong. 

The sun rises each day. It is full of promise. The promise of time progression. Rays raising the awareness of the living, acquiring the attention of sunflowers, reassuring life to continue.

For without the sun, birds might not sing so consistently in gratitude as dawn awakens.  They would not know when to begin their search for sustenance. Nor would fruits and vegetables find the desire to grow, plump and ripen.

The sun contains hope.

Alight upon a lantern of love, moves within my spirit to guide my way along the journey I've chosen for my life.  You, in kind, chose and choose your journey as well.  No one can walk your choices for you. The freedom of choice graces your existence. It is your birth right, designing your life and circumstances. 

May the sun shine radiant, bright and beautiful as you find and follow the path for you.