Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Golden Nuggets Along The Journey

Dear Reader:

Enthusiasm is a gift of the spirit to your heart. Bubbling over, babbling brook of wonder and joy, seeping out of your pores to grace the existence of those around you. Creating miracles in the lives of the souls whose paths you cross.


The benefits of sharing your gifts are of huge advantage to mankind and the world. There is heaven inside each of us. Our certain set of gifts is designed to be our method of delivery. We chose which wave to ride and on what beach to play on. 

The occasional wave arises that catches us off-guard. Rediscover your footing, rooted deep within yourself and move forward. 

Persistence is the gateway to a pure heart and genuine contribution. Don't give up. Genuine contribution is among the most powerful of energies.

Expressing our gifts unites us as humans. Humankind can sing, write, communicate, build, love or create and so much more. Our gifts are endless. 

This is a beautiful existence: A masterpiece planet fill of wonders.  Simultaneous expression in ways only each individual is solely able.

Do you lend your gifts in participation of coexisting creation?