Thursday, April 5, 2012

Letting Go of Love

People struggle with relationship indifference on a regular basis. When our hearts are involved, it seems only right to hold our loved one accountable for the way they make us feel.

In all honest, however, this is not love in it's greatest form.

If you truly love someone, you must allow them to live their life as well. When children grow, they must take steps on their own to determine their own beliefs and live their own story. We do all we can, in a place of love, and this is beautiful.

In regard to romantic relationships, ultimate love is allowing the other person to do the things that make them happy, without punishment or contempt. This doesn't mean causing harm or tolerating actions that threaten the relationship, it just means allowing the other person to create their world and fill it with greatness.

If you haven't yet found a person to practice ultimate love with, I invite you to read my eBook, Ten Keys To Finding True Love: A Handbook to Manifest Your Hearts Desire.

Love and connection in this world is my passion and purpose. In this way, I serve the world.


Jessi Lohman

Support Coach