Saturday, April 28, 2012

6 Steps To A Perfect Life

Most people who surround me need something. They talk nonstop about the lack in their life. If only they had that one thing, or in some cases, multiple things...then life would be fulfilling, wonderful and awesome.

A realization found me in meditation today. To answer all these wants in the lives around me.

Life is perfect.  My life and your life.  Starting there, being grateful for all the treasures that saturate our life. For only then can more blessings rush in. 

You know what your want.  So does God, your higher-self, the Universe, the Source of your Inspiration, or however your choose to define it.

6 Steps to a Perfect Life:
  1. Notice your emotions. They indicate changes in your life. Learn to accept, love and feel gratitude toward your emotions.
  2. If you have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, change in your pocket and a full belly, did you know you are among the richest 8% of the entire world? Be grateful for the money and gifts you've been given. Money has come to you in various forms throughout your entire life. Realize more will come, one way or another.
  3. Your spirit and soul, regardless of an afterlife belief- is perfect. The connection to any source of higher power grants direction and peace in times when waters or turmoil within are calm. Give yourself 5 minutes of uninterrupted time alone to listen to your intuition. Secrets have a way of surfacing during that time.
  4. Your health has been keeping you alive your whole life. Celebrate each part of you. You're body and soul is perfection. Particularly the elements the world might consider imperfect.
  5. You have a vocation, occupation, career, or are in a retirement (sometimes early  or temporary if you've been laid off). Expected or not, allow yourself to relax.  Take 5 deep breath's. Give yourself permission to find peace and get out of the chaos by doing something nice for yourself.
  6. Most important is saved for last. Relationships. Nothing is worthwhile unless it is shared with others. There is nothing we can accomplish and celebrate without connection with others. The people around you, your relationships, there is happiness there. Cling to that hope and know all of your relationships can find perfection as well.
In my meditation, I spent 5 minutes in total, sitting quietly, enjoying the perfection of my existence. There is nothing to worry about. Everything you can fathom is already here. It's already yours. It already exists. You just must be ready to receive it.