Monday, April 16, 2012

10 Steps to Life Restoration - Part 1 and 2

When life has taken a turn for the worst, here are 10 Steps to getting your life back on track.

1. Focus On You 

While it's easier to look outside yourself and be distracted from the mess, prioritize you. Good things come from a place of overflow, not need. When your needs are met, the rest comes more naturally

2. Passion

If you could earn a living doing anything, what would it be?  It this was your last week to live, how would you spend it and what parting thoughts would you have in regard to your life?

3. Purpose

Decipher your purpose upon this planet. You are not here by accident.

4. Love

Learn to love you. The you can apply that knowledge and wisdom to someone else. Loving yourself is not an ego thing, it's a maturity thing.

5. Focus 

You can choose your own direction. Make sure it aligns with your purpose so you're heart is not in conflict. Any direction is fair game. Now is the time to choose where you are headed next.

6. Funnel

Find the things that fill your spirit up and funnel them in on a regular basis. It will help you stay happy and focused to avoid burnout. 

7. Simplicity

No more climbing the wrong ladder on the wrong house, keep your purpose simple and easy to understand.

8. Partnership

With friends, family or spouses, nothing matters unless we can share our progress and discoveries with someone. We are meant to connect and partner up.

9. Family

Forgive people for their humanity. No one is perfect. 

10. Community

Pay your purpose forward.

This is not a search for perfection, it's a message of hope. There is life after ruin. Hope comes from the search of learning to be okay, being you.


Rockstar Jessi