Friday, March 9, 2012

True Blue

Kindness radiates
From blue eyes
Allowing the vulnerable
Troubled and homesick
Ease in the confines
Of your presence

While all wear masks
Yours is transparent
Allowing the world
Flooding in unfiltered
Unblemished and unjudged
Despite worldly pressures

Many misjudge
Such a trait as weakness
Lack of faith
That bravery exists
Failing to understand
The courage daily
In demand

Far easier for eyes
To be closed than open
Yet yours remain
Pealed and searching
No matter threatening
Hours of darkness
Trying to scare

You- destined for greatness
Already great
On a higher path
Dusted off
Filled with inner light
Glowing- A true story

Dedicated to my dear friend, Steve Heise