Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Hunger Games Dilemna. Poems for the Tributes.

I wrote two poems in honor of The Hunger Games Series. One for Katniss, the other for Peeta. I'm so excited to see the movie tonight, that rather than posting one or the other, I figure I'll go ahead an post both.


Brave girl
Our grief is carried
Alongside your heavy spirit
If such a destiny
Could be revoked
Not a Soul could resist
Take your place

Life as it plays
Whispering our fates
Know hearts beat
Alongside yours
With mighty fierceness
United in the pulse
Of united kinship

Step forward
Solid, courgaeous
Embrace your path
The winds of change
Fragrance the air with hope
A fresh spring
For you alone
One with the power
To change the course
Of history


A boy
Wandering down his path
Entwining absolution, determination
Interlocked fingers
Unmatched compassion
Unconditional understanding
Soft, kind heart
Unblemished by horrors
Encased by the world
Submerged in passion
True of soul
Glimmering reflections
Back in still waters
You see clearly
Piercing through distorted lenses
Though masacred humanity
Cannot bear to release you
No, no, not unscathed
Taking the mighty heart
Your brilliant mind
Convaluting your meaning for life
Even in your vision

As a Man
Here you stand
Scarcely recognizable
After trials, tribulations
Have poinsoned you
Calling your name
Whispers of a haunting sort
Wishing and urging
Step forward
Into skeletal shadows
Courage, now clenched
In a fist of steadiness
Persevere through trying times
Fight with dignity
Determine to return
To who you once were
Drowsy in your purpose
Patient when you cross
Destined thresholds
Sing our hearts alive
Beating as one
In honor of your success
Beauty preserved
For generations to come.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poems. I'm considering including them in one of my upcoming poetry collection releases...what do you think? If you haven't the slightest as to what I'm referencing, I've included the Official Trailer for the movie. The count-down is on! Welcome to the 74th Hunger Games.