Sunday, March 18, 2012

Deliberate Discoverer

An aura of hope
Bringing to others
Gifts from beyond
A salve
For hopelessness
Your constant hand
Always extended
In friendship to all
Mankind in need
Is whom you serve
Such a privilege
For others
They benefit
Your words
Encouragement, faith
Undying belief
In your friends
Even associates
On the valiant path
Everlasting deeper meaning
Showing your leanings
With those
Fortunate enough
To listen
Deep mind
Rallying through obstacles
Fighting alongside companions
Of their sense of need
Providing compassion
Understanding, empathy
No greater gifts could exist
Heartfelt friendship
Deliberate consideration
Contributions to life
To existence
Endless-your horizon
Embracing willing discoveries
Explorer of beings
Undistracted by falsehoods
Integrity and rewards
Are yours.

Dedicated to Andrew Paul Lopez