Wednesday, March 21, 2012

10 Core Concepts For Making Your Dreams Come True

Words of wisdom from Jack Canfield's Life Coach (or Dream Coach, as she would prefer), Marcia Weider.

1. Set an Intention

Intention is the rudder, it steers our life where we want it to go. Prevents us from climbing ladders up the wrong buildings.

2. Maintain Integrity

Intention and Integrity form the key building block to manifestation. Having integrity clears the past.

3. Live on Purpose

With purpose, the quality of your dreams will change. Without purpose, it's easy to do that climbing ladders up the wrong buildings thing.

4. Access Your Dreamer

Create a dynamic relationship with CDs you are passionate about. Like Zig Ziglar said, "You can't put fuel in your car one time and drive forever. Same works for motivation."

5. Learn From Your Doubter

Your doubts can sabotage your dreams OR an opportunity to deepen your commitment.

6. Believe in Your Dreams

If you don't, no one else will either. You prove you believe in your dreams when you take action.

7. Create Personal Practices

Use lessons to develop the powerful tools that will deepen what you want and change what needs to happen to get you there.

8. Take Serious Steps Forward

Plan essential strategies to ensure your success. In the end, it all comes down to moving forward on the projects and practical steps for making your dreams real.

9. Build Your Dream Team

Ask for help and make it easy for people to say, "Yes!"

10. Live as a Dreamer

Once clear on purpose, dreams and beliefs, look at all areas of your life and decide what you do and don't what. You choose.

According to Ms. Weider, "This process works on any personal or professional dream."

Cheers to your dreams and success,