Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Avenged Update And Thomas Edison Insight

This week while at work, a co-worker asked me a thought-provoking question.

"If you could do anything and earn a living doing it, what would you do?" He asked me.

Although my list of passions may run on forever, one item in particular clamoured to the top. Something I have been doing since I was a child. One thing my Grandma Fran always encouraged, from the time I was very small. An ability that feels more like someone else's words than my own sometimes.


Yet this is what I was born to do. I have two poetry compilations coming out in the near future. The first, Avenged: A Poetry Collection, is now available for pre-sale on my blog. I will be sending those who partake a free ticket to the upcoming Book Release Event. For those unable to attend, the book will be rushed out the moment they are available. 

This book will be very different from my previous work: Life, Love and Inspiration: A Book of Poetry, because these poems are not those from my childhood and adolescence. They are contemporary and recent poems created with intention and purpose.

The words of Thomas Edison depict my thoughts far better than I can:
"When vocation becomes a vacation, that's when you know you've truly arrived."

That is exactly how I feel when I write poetry.

If you could do anything and make a living, what would you love to spend your time doing?

Look forward to your thoughts.

With love,