Monday, January 23, 2012

Shaking Vegas' Tree

Las Vegas has been one of my favorite places for years. My first Vegas experience came my way at 12 years old. My Dad brought me along on a business trip. Circus Circus, Excalibur games and Tournament of Kings, my heart had been won.

I escaped to Vegas every chance I got from that point on. Often to meet up with my Dad, to celebrate my brother's 21st birthday, celebrate a few of my own birthdays, attend conferences, party with various friends and as of late, stop in on my way to the Grand Canyon, and as of late- make incredible memories with my Guy.

This visit, we attended the 2012 Shot Show. Encompassing thousands of vendors and multiple thousand attendees, it was a thrill to see so many big guns, explore the new items coming out in the market and reunite with co-workers of the past.

It is always a goal to do some additional reading and writing on my trips, and this trip was no different. Working on multiple projects, including a new writing style I've been developing. Writing is more work than most people envision. Yet I believe it makes me a better, deeper, higher functioning person. Challenging myself to think and articulate thoughts of various sorts is a gift, more to me than anyone else. I'm blessed to have many people who enjoy my writing a well. It is a shared sense of community, filled with great moments, glistening splendid memories.

In our off time, here are some of the activities we participated in:

The Fremont Street Zipline on the old Vegas strip, directly beneath the worlds largest flat screen TV.

 A couple shows:

Can't forget the goodies:

Cheers to your next adventure!

Your Friend,

Rockstar Jessi