Friday, December 9, 2011

Selling Cheat Sheet for Amateurs

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sell?  I've got your cheat sheet right here after going undercover with a prestigious marketing firm.

Know your Who (#1, top of best at your service), What (Product, Service, Event, Promotion), Why (Purpose).

You are always selling something.  Some are better than others.  Here is a way to walk yourself through improving your odds outcome.

1. Intro
  • 1st Impression = Important
  • Create a friend in 5 minutes, by showing interest in THEIR interests.
  • SMILING demonstrates confidence and folks SMILE back.
  • Eye Contact = builds trust.
  • Enthusiasm creates excitement. Aim for 1 notch higher than the customer. Otherwise it'll turn them off.
2. Short Story
  • KISS - Keep It Short and Simple
  • Selling is a series of stories, choose one that creates a strong connection between the customer and what you are selling.
  • Ask a qualifying question to see if they are interested before entering into the Presentation.
3. Presentation
  • Be knowledgeable about what you are selling.
  • By systematic and include information that will benefit the customer.
  • Answer all objections upfront.
4. Close
  • Nod your head as you ask for the final sale.
  • Remember 
  • Everyone 
  • Has 
  • Sale 
  • Hidden

Before you run around selling anything, be sure to take the time to know your goals.  Don't forget to make it fun!

Cheers to your success,

Jessi Lohman
Author Befriending Death
ItWorks Independent Distributor