Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Secret To Amazing Life for 4 Years Straight!

It's onto 2012, with lofty aspirations beside me.

Every year my BFF, Shar, and I write our list of 10 things we want to accomplish during the year.

We began this tradition 4 years ago, after watching Rhonda Byrne's movie, The Secret

We started off by creating dream notebooks rather and visualization boards.  While intimidated by the magnificence of the power we held over our own life, once the idea settled in, we embraced it and ran, starting with our 10 resolutions for the year.

It is with these resolutions we have accomplished the following adventures and experiences:

The year 2007:
Trip to Disneyland and the Beach

Hiked Horse Tail Falls

Hiked Mt Tallac

Made it to the Top of Mt Tallac!

Ultimate Halloween Party

Shar Graduated - everyone said it wasn't possible.

In 2008:
Bay to Breakers - San Francisco (w/ baby moose)

Ghost hunting

I became an Artist

Met Luche Libre fighting roosters in Mexico

Finished my first draft of Befriending Death dancing all night, beaches all day in Mexico
Awesome New Years party!

Took a few trips

Touched the Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Starbucks in Hong Kong


I did more art- gave oils a shot

Paid respects to The Coluseum

Donated my hair

  • Shar moved to San Francisco to pursue her dream of living in the City
  • Shar started traveling all over the to so many places I can't even remember them all
First Cruise

Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon

New Job

Bigger canvas's

Shar moved to Portland to pursue Graduate School

Bacon wrapped maple bar - Voo Doo Donut

Monterey Aquarium

Jessi Turned 30!

Pool side at Las Vegas

I was a Best Chick and my nephew was the Ring Bearer

So how did 2011 pan out?

I found True Love

Went on a Book Tour in an Ice Bar

My first novel, Befriending Death, came out

Spent sweet moment celebrating a life well lived and delivered my first eulogy

First corn maze

My guy committed to getting piggies with me someday

Started writing a sequel

My Dad Lived.

Hiked Half Dome at Night to watch the sunrise from the top

Survived a Landslide

So how about 2012? What can we expect to see for next year?

Finishing the Memoir: Finding Yourself In A Suitcase
Getting Debt Free
New novel: Firefly

More time with my loved ones

New adventures for Shar as she moves to San Diego

Completing a second book of poetry: Avenged

Celebrate another Christmas with my great guy

Read tons of more books (I read over 50 this year)

Create more Art

Eat more pinkberry.

Stay Sexy

Cook more
Cheers to 2012, and all the good things on the horizon. Tell me all about your hopes, dreams, desires, goals and resolutions for the upcoming year.  I'd love to hear all about it.