Tuesday, December 13, 2011

"Please God, Don't Let Me Ever Be As Big An Ass As Hilly Holbrook In The Help "


The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, is a story about the bravery of women uniting together and overcoming their differences for a specific cause.  In all honesty, it had me looking for a cause to fight for.  Almost as though my life is not as important without having made such sacrifices as those before us, who took many risks to ensure a better future for their children.  Yet don't me started on Miss Hilly.

My favorite, more personalized appreciation of the book comes from the recent passing of my grandmother.  She was raised by a woman who had been born a slave, named Nursie, that her parents hired to tend to her.

It was such a different time back then.  Yet I am grateful.  My grandmother instilled in me a love for all races.  She was among one of the first to fight for civil rights, and create an equal, non-segregated society.   

Beyond all other items, this was a major contribution to not only my life but so many lives around me.

Half of me wishes Grandma were still around so I could talk to her about the book.  It doesn’t surprise me what side she must have taken in regard to equality, yet I do so long to hear her opinion of living it first hand.  Part of me is grateful I hadn’t read it until after her passing (although within a month of it), because it feels as though our visit has been extended, and perhaps giving the foresight and clarity to appreciate this remarkable book in a way that it was intended. 

Your Friend,
Jessi Lohman
Author Befriending Death
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