Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jen Lancaster Bright Lights, Big Ass

You read that title correctly, Bright Lights, Big Ass.

With a title like that- Jen Lancaster has a knack for justifying the naughty yet proper inner dialogue within all women.

This quote about her husband, telling her about a safety threat, had me laughing out loud:
"He went all rubber room and white strappy jacket on me."  -Jen Lancaster

Bright Lights, Big Ass hilarious.

However, I think we can all agree, Jen pokes fun at herself a lot concerning her health and body image.  Yes, blood pressure and the heart and low cholesterol are important.  She frets continually throughout the book, how uncomfortable she is.

If Jen were one of my BlogStar clients, here are some things I'd like to highlight about her blog, Jennsylvania.

  • First thing, first: Jen is a beautiful person.  Her spirit and energy in the world is nothing like anyone else. This makes her unique and she has been successful in transition that unique energy into the power of writing.  Way to go, Jen!
  • I'd ask her what she wants her life to look like.  On one hand, having the complex and conflicting feelings give her a lot to write about.  On the other, it still has her feeling bummed out and sad sometimes.  There is a possibility she doesn't want to change things at all.
How do you apply this to you?

Finding your source of significance is the first step in communicating the stories, advice and writing that you are meant to.  Sure, along with it you might find yourself being financially more secure and enjoying the benefits of improving the quality of your relationships.  Or in Jen's case; determining the right steps to achieve a goal where she is excited to be her and at the same time having bummed or sad...not on the radar.

Feelings are good, sadness is an emotional to let you know an aspect of your life can work more efficiently. it is through emotions your heart tells you what is right, wrong, indifferent...and it fuels your writer's heart to fill you with emotions to share.  It's my job, to help you figure out what is toying with your emotions.  I choose to support my clients in achieving the most happy life possible.

Cheers To Your Success,


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