Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Make Miracles Happen

Dad, Me, Brother
I had a conversation with my Dad.  This is a big deal.

Back in January, I almost lost him due to kidney failure.  He was in between worlds and chose to come back and continue life a while longer.  For this reason, I feel that every day with him is a miracle.

While not conscious for several weeks, I wrote journal entries about how he would return to us healthy and strong.  I came across another one, when he was struggling to figure out what was going on when he woke up.   

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve." - Napolean Hill

I wrote about how amazing he mentally began to function, how his personality would return peacefully and full of life.  He would return to us and we would be reunited. 

The miracle took place.

My Sweetie, Me
It’s not the first time this kind of experience has happened to me.  How else could I have landed such an incredible relationship?  

I spent several months before landing a guy by writing it down ad describing what our life was like.  As though wishing on a star, it all came true.

Every day with my guy and every day with my Dad is a great one.  It's like we've stolen back time.

Dad taught me about dreams, to appreciate when people who have passed on can visit us and we get extra time with them in our dreams. 

We talked about jobs, the economy, stocks, bonds, the private versus public sector.  Although he's a deep guy, he still would be able to appreciate things like this:

It’s enthralling to be aware of how we can create our futures.  I look forward to miracles we will create.  The way society has been making a crazy turn for the “who-knows-where-we’re-going,” a quote from the conversation with my Dad stands out:

"The only way out of this mess is to start working as a team.”
Blessing your way,

Jessi Lohman
Author Befriending Death
ItWorks Independent Distributor