Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Killer Tips About Being Exceptional From Biggest Loser Ninja Jillian Michaels

Who wouldn’t want to pick the brain of gorgeous, brilliant, washboard stomach, strength in storms personal coach, Jillian Michaels?

Here are 10 Killer Tips of Ninja-Wisdom she used behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser to help her team pull ahead.

In her guide to building an exceptional life, Unlimited, she shares both personal and public victories as well as challenges revolving around her life and career.
My personal take away from the book (This is a fraction of what I’d like to share with you), includes a system of planning your goals. 

She introduced to me the Goal Pyramid. You begin at the top, identifying your long term goal (approx. 1 year out). Second you identify what must take place each month for you to reach that goal. The you break it down by weekly goals and finally daily goals.  So long as you hit the small goals, one after the other, it will eventually take you to your victorious Long Term Goal.


One thing I can guarantee: You have not seen her in a light like this. She is vulnerable, human and heartfelt, as she shares exactly how she went from bumpkin-hood to thriving stardom.

1.  Identify Your Passion (Make sure you are pursuing avenues that are in alignment with your moral center).

"When you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you achieve it." - Paulo Coehlo

 2. Recognize You Are a Force (You can access all the insight and power needed to achieve anything you want).

"No positive thought or hope goes unrewarded." - Jillian

3. Believe In Yourself (You are not a victim of life but a participant in it.)

4. Take Responsibility For Your Life.

5. Adjust Your Attitude To Get The Most Out Of Life.

"Your thoughts affect your behaviors, your behaviors create your reality." - Jillian
6. Stop Selling Yourself Short.

"People will treat you as bad as you let them." - Jillian

7. Hit The Books- Then Hit The Deck.

"Education brings focus to all your endeavors." - Jillian

8. Get Organized.

"Writing your goals makes them real and forced you to form an emotional connection to them." - Jillian

9.  Create The Right Environment.

"Paramount to your success is gaining control over your immediate environment." - Jillian

10. Learn To Communicate.

"Nobody ever really does anything alone." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"If you can't communicate, you're F*cked." - Jillian

In her own words: 

In parting, a final quote by Neale Donald Walsch and a video where Jillian goes a little nuts over Thanksgiving calories:

“The person standing on the mountaintop did not get there by falling.
You have to climb to where you want to go -- and you cannot get there by climbing over others. It is about climbing with others, side by side, and even pulling some others up with you."

Cheers to your success!

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