Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fond Farewells, Shaving Heads, Sassy Pumpkins & The Blair Witch

Final Christmas 2010
My mother, Judy, and Grandma, Fran
I am back to the Blog after a brief siesta to handle some personal loss.

My Grandma, Fran Marquis, passed on, at age 83.

She had stories, history and experiences to share with everyone she well as opinions (just like most people) and lots of love.  She was the person who encouraged my passion for writing.  The first poem I ever wrote, I wrote for her.  Then I went on to win 27 poetry awards for various pieces (I later included in a book I dedicated to her).

She may never have been able to stomach the sass and gruesome details of my novel, Befriending Death.  However, I can guarantee she would have appreciated the imagery of the sexiness.

I once wrote a book in my Grandma Fran's honor- Life, Love and Inspiration: A Book of Poetry.
Another recent undesirable development, one of my cousins and very best friends has received a serious diagnosis and the treatment involves a high potential result of hair loss.  When people ask me about the scarf on my head...or the hat or lack of my hair, the answer is that I am donating mine as she loses hers.  .

Rather than allow her to undergo this crap on her own, I am going to donate my hair, and will wear is shorter than historically witnessed. I told her I would support the experience so she would feel we were more part of a secret society.  She and I have been partners in crime on more than one adventure, risque location or vacation.  This will just be another experience for the books.

Once upon a time, we began recording the hilarity of our adventures with the intention of throwing a book together.  Perhaps I'll share a handful of those stories in the near future. In dire times, the ability to keep things light is priceless. 

Death is so scary to people.  I can't blame them, many believe they turn to ash when the lights go out.  I believe something very different, yet if this is the case, I'd still wish to live my life the way I do.  Even if the only people who will ever care are the handful reading this blog.  What happens beyond what I have control over...aka...the afterlife, will never take away from my wish to extend an extra courtesy or squeeze in an extra laugh.  In dire times, the ability to keep things light is priceless. 

It's amazing how people can bond on a whole new level when death is involved.  The finality of it.  In those final moments, and it was no different in the case of my Grandma... nothing is unforgiven.  All quarrels and miscommunication are set aside in response to the magnitude of what truly matter.

All that matters in final moments is Love.

Which is why My Guy and I, as well as his son, all got lost in the World's Largest Corn Maze this week.

 We spent some time reenacting the final scenes from Blair Which Project.

Two thumbs up for scoring some pretty sweet pumpkins.

Hero of the Week Move:  I figure it's better to show rather than tell.

 It's a Flower Fiesta (Okay, so I told too).

As I always try to end my blog on a happy note, I have a couple images to share that I hope will help put a positive spin on your day. It's so awesome to be alive.

And just so we are all on the same page... I'm looking forward to one heck of a Halloween Party tomorrow night!  Hope to see you there!  Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you next time!
Your Friend,